Computer Security, Repair, and Diagnostic Services

At Computer Tech Brooklyn, we specialize in providing comprehensive technical support, PC and laptop repair, and data recovery services. Every computer gets a free diagnostic report and a free estimate for any services. You can view a thorough breakdown of our offerings below.

Laptop Tech Brooklyn
Secure Your PC from Threats

Whether you use your personal computer for business or relaxation, there are many threats online for you to be aware of. From malware and viruses to spyware and more, if you don’t know how to protect yourself, you could be putting important information at risk. Our highly trained team at Laptop Repair Data offer on-site services to help secure your computer from threats.

Setup and Install a Laptop/Notebook

If you’ve purchased a new laptop or notebook computer and need help setting it up, you’ve come to the right place. Laptop Repair Data will guide you through the installation process and make sure everything is set up properly so you can enjoy your computer.

Safeguard Your Laptop/Notebook Against Threats

Like PCs, laptops and notebook computers can be susceptible to external threats. Viruses, spyware, malware, and more can wreak havoc on your laptop. We can help you safeguard and protect it against these threats.

Data Back-up/Recovery/Transfer

Need to recover, back up, or transfer important data from your computer? We’d love to partner with you to make that happen. We’re well-equipped to recover almost any files you need or back them up to the cloud or external storage.

Configure Desktop, Power Options, Etc

If you have a desktop PC and you’re not sure how best to configure it, just call Laptop Tech Brooklyn. We’ll happily come to your home or business and help choose the best settings for you.

Motherboard Repair

If your computer’s motherboard wears out or breaks, you can either bring it to us or let us come to you to repair it. We pledge to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

Laptop DC Jack Repair

If a laptop is older or has been used heavily, sometimes the DC jack for the battery can wear out or otherwise fall into disrepair. As a result, the laptop’s battery might not charge properly. Entrust Laptop Tech Brooklyn with your laptop and we can easily fix the problem.

Free Diagnostics on All Computers

No matter what kind of laptop or desktop computer you have, you can always bring it into Laptop Tech Brooklyn or have us stop by for a free diagnostic test. You’ll also receive free estimates for any services to be rendered.

Install and Configure Various Operating Systems

If you’re looking to switch from one operating system (OS) to another, we’d love to help you! At Laptop Tech Brooklyn, we have extensive experience installing and configuring a wide range of operating systems.

LCD And LED Screen Replacement

When a light dies in your screen or the whole screen needs replacement, you can count on us. We offer full-service LCD and LED screen replacement to suit your unique needs.